Dream Warriors, a group of people who are known for their abilities to fight Freddy Krueger in the Dream World.

Notable Dream Warriors

  • Danny Mitchell, a martial artist that has the power to gain special abilities from nightmares.
  • Judy Anne Roberts, a gymnast that can jump higher than the normal human and also can absorb power from dream creatures.
  • Eric Carson, a swordsman with an arsenal of sharp weapons that he can wield anytime.
  • Vince Stevens, a boxer with huge gloves that can punch through walls.
  • Michael Thompson, a magician who has the ability to stop time for a few minutes and conjures deadly magic.
  • Nick Robinson, a wrestler with a muscular body that can withstand any physical damage.
  • Tony Wilkinson, a cowboy who has the ability to his shoot guns faster than anyone.
  • Glen Moody, a musician who can turn his guitar into a weapon.
  • Jenny Sanders, a fashion designer who has the ability to make any weapon out of jewelry.
  • Alex Dawson, an Olympic athlete who has the ability to throw javelins very accurately at targets.

Veteran Dream Warriors

  • Kristen Parker, a Dream Master that has the unique ability for pulling other people into her dreams and gymnastic like agility.
  • Roland Kincaid, a weightlifter with super human strength.
  • Joey Krusel, a dream warrior with super sonic screaming.
  • Will Stanton, a wizard master can walk in his dreams and has magical abilities.
  • Nancy Thompson, a Dream Master who can pull objects and people out of dreams.
  • Taryn White, a dream warrior with confidence, beauty, and toughness.
  • Alice Johnson, a Dream Master, or the guardian of the positive gate, the gateway to good dreams. And as such, she had the power (and responsibility) to guard the sleeper whilst they dreamed. And as such, Alice had the unique ability to absorb the dream powers of Freddy's most recent victims.